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1 About your shopping experience
1.1 Can you help me find the right rc car, plane, or drone?

Yes! Our expert staff are here to help! We will take the time to talk to you an understand your needs and then match you to the right products whether that be a rc car or any product that we sell. We are here for you after the sale as well if you have questions about charging, assembly or really anything.

1.2 What are your hours?

IN STORE HOURS - Closed for all Major Holidays - New Years Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Mother's Day (yes Mother's Day is a major holiday!)

Monday:  Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 11AM to 7PM

Saturday: 10AM to 5PM

Sunday: 11AM to 4PM

1.3 Can I shop online and pick up in store?

YES! You can shop online and choose store pickup for shipping in the check-out page. We will have your product ready to pick up - just call us when you get here at 724-438-7246 or pick up at the front counter.

2 Information About RC Flight
2.1 The FAA Remote Identification ruling is now finalized. What does it mean for the RC hobby?

Simply put, this rule requires most unmanned aircraft (RC airplanes, helicopters, and drones) in US airspace to have RID capability of some kind. RID provides information about the aircraft in flight, such as location, altitude, and unique identity, and the location of the controller or take-off location. It allows authorized public safety organizations the ability to identify the aircraft owner as needed. You can read more detail about what is required on the SkyID Remote Module page which summarizes the device, how it works and what the requirements are.

2.2 How can I learn to fly an RC Airplane?

We have a beginner RC Flight program where we assist you as a beginner flyer to get you up in to the air. You can watch the video: “Take Flight” Begin Your RC Flying Hobby! - Get A Hobby or call Trevor at 724-438-7246 or just stop by the store and we will tell you all about it.

2.3 What is a good beginner RC airplane?

There are several good beginner RC airplanes that we normally have in stock but the one we recommend most is the E-Flite AeroScout. It has everything that a beginner flyer needs to get flying quickly with built in SAFE and an inexpensive price point. Check out the AeroScout here: AeroScout S 2 1.1m RTF Basic with SAFE - Get A Hobby and all of our Beginner RC products here: Beginner Remote Control - Get A Hobby

3 Indoor RC Racetrack
3.1 Can I rent the RC Racetrack for a birthday party or event?

Yes! For more information on parties and events checkout our Raceway page!  The Raceway!

3.2 Can I bring my own RC vehicle to your racetrack?

Yes!  We will inspect your vehicle to make sure you can run on our track.  We require it to be clean with no sharp parts, 2WD and on 2S power.

3.3 Can I race on the RC racetrack even if I am not a member?

Yes! Check out the Raceway page for more details The Raceway

3.4 What are the rules to race?

Every person using our track must sign a Release Agreement to participate.  The release agreement is located HERE

4 Track Memberships
4.1 How much is a membership, how long does it last?

You can purchase a track membership on a month to month, quarterly or annual basis.  Quarterly and annual receive a discount. Memberships run from the 1st to the last day of the month. A single member ship is $35/month. A Family membership is $50 per month.

4.2 What are the benefits of a membership?

Track membership has many benefits - the most important is that you can use the indoor RC track for no additional fee whenever the store is open and there is not an event going on.  We do close the track for a couple hours each week to switch the layout and we post on Facebook when we do this. If you are driving from far away - just call first to make sure the track will be available. Members also receive extra discounts on products, access to special sales, the ability to sell used RC at our regular RC swaps and special pricing on racing events.

5 Remote Control Terminology
5.1 What is RTR (Ready-To-Run)?

RTR is a RC Vehicle term which means Ready-To-Run.  For different manufactures the exact meaning can differ but it generally means that most or all of what you need is in the box to run the product. Even a RTR vehicle could be missing certain batteries, a transmitter or other items.  You should read the box or the product specification carefully to know what is included and what is not.

5.2 What is RTF (Ready-To-Fly)?

RTF is a RC Flight term which means Ready-To-Fly. RTF RC airplanes are fully built and come with a radio and engine (or motor) installed. Some models may also come with a transmitter (radio) and even batteries. The manufacture labels the plane RTF but will also include details on the box to indicate exactly what is in the box and what additional items you may need to start flying.

5.3 What is PNP (Plug-And-Play)?

PNP (Plug and Play) refers primarily to RC aircraft and means that the model aircraft comes from the manufacturer with a power system and servos but typically PNP come without transmitter, receiver, battery and charger.

5.4 What is a Roller?

A Roller RC vehicle is a chassis that is ready to race.  It has no electronics or controls.  This allows for you to customize the specifics of the motor, ECS, servos, etc.

5.5 What is BNF (Bind-And-Fly)?

Bind-N-Fly or BNF is a Horizon Hobby trademark for a specific kind of Ready-to-Fly (RTF) RC Aircraft that uses crystal-free DSM radio technology. Different from PNP where the aircraft is sold in RTF mode but without a radio/transmitter, receiver and battery pack. BNF includes everything except the radio/transmitter - you just bind the airplane to your radio and you are ready to go.

5.6 What is ARF (Almost Ready-To-Fly)?

An ARF aircraft is a model that is sold almost ready to fly - and depending on the model and manufacturer will require some work for you to complete the assembly.  The majority of the work is typically with the engine/motor/servos installation and radio control gear which is typically sold separately.

5.7 What is an RC kit?

An RC kit is a build it yourself project. A kit allows you to customize everything from the beginning to the end.  Be careful when buying! If you are buying a kit - you will have a lot of assembly work to do - right down to turning every screw.

6 What do I need to know before I fly my plane, drone or helicopter?
6.1 Where can I find more information of what to know before I fly?

Know Before You Fly is an education campaign organized by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Their shared goal is to educate prospective users about the safe and responsible operation of drones.  You can access very useful information on their website located here>> Know Before You Fly

6.2 Where can I register my aircraft with the FAA?

You can register your aircraft with the FAA at

6.3 Am I required to take a test and be registered to fly my recreational aircraft?

Yes, even though the probability of you being "caught" is slim, you should take the Recreational UAS Safety Test and carry proof that you have passed the test before flying your aircraft.  Information on the test is located here>>FAA TRUST Test Administrators

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